Thursday, May 03, 2007

Could Halle Berry Be Pregnant?

Halle Berry has been spotted buying $1,000 worth of baby clothes, sparking rumors she is pregnant.

The 'Perfect Stranger' actress reportedly spent an hour browsing at trendy Los Angeles baby boutique Bel-Bambini before purchasing a selection of items for a baby girl.

Halle, 40 - who is dating 31-year-old model Gabriel Aubry - left the exclusive shop with a pink, organic romper-suit, a kimono tee made from soybean fibres, a cute butterfly backpack and a Swarovski crystal-encrusted hotlips pacifier.

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Jackie O said...

Doubt it. Probably buying stuff for a friend. If she was pg she wouldn't have been drinking a few weeks ago at the premiere After Party in that skin tight dress or at the bash she through for last weekend in NYC. Plus it is rumored that Aubry gave her a royal ass chewing over the Esquire photos and her comments that they're going to be pregnant by the end of the year or they will adopt.