Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Friday

  1. Kate Bosworth's Nipple Slip (NudeSack)
  2. Tom Brady Carries Gisele's Purse (POTP)
  3. Haylie Duff Calls Kim Kardashian A Whore (GoneHW)
  4. Kate Moss With Cocaine On Her Jeans (HWBackwash)
  5. Demi, Ashton & Bruce Vacation Together (AllieisWired)
  6. Gisele Bunchen For Louis Vuitton (DerekHail)
  7. Lindsay Lohan's Bloated Face at The Ivy (CelebPuke)
  8. Don't Forget To Watch Spider-Man 3 ! (BuzzNet)
  9. Jay-Z In A Plane Crash? (Hollyscoop)
  10. Victoria Beckham's Very Hard Nipples (FakeFame)

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