Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Kirstin & Nicole Richie Backstage MTV Australia

MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007

Nicole Richie

Kristin Cavallari

They both look great except the fact that Kristin Cavallari looks fat (maybe the word I'm looking for is more like chubby) standing next to Nicole Richie, don't you think so? Even though Nicole looks like she put on a little bit of weight she's still skinny and her hair is so thin, she seriously needs to eat properly.


Anonymous said...

What the hell are you talking about you idiot?!? Kristin does not look fat at all. YOu have a serious problem

melanie said...

kristin is not fat but compare to nicole she looks looks twice her size.

the reason why nicole is losing her hair is cause of bad nutrition.

as for kristin, i dont understand why she can still get gigs and jobs, isn't her 15 minutes of fame over yet?

Anonymous said...

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