Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kylie Minogue Better Than Madonna

Move over Madonna... it looks like Kylie has taken your crown, at least in the bikini stakes.

A new range for H&M stores has out-sold Madge's easily, showing that Kylie Minogue's really the one who's in vogue.


Anonymous said...

Weird, cause Kylie's collection is NOT even out yet

katrina said...

i think its already out in UK

i highly doubt that its better, its just that its summer time already and madonna's clothes are too formal and are more usable during winter.

Anonymous said...

Also, Madonna intentionally had more of her clothes made so that the "Sold out" problem would NOT be a problem. (Except online)

You can not judge a collection as being "sold out" better unless you state the facts of quanity offered first. ;)

Anonymous said...

REALLY ????? Since it is out first in UK and that is not until Mid May.get a grip on facts.