Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lily Allen Slams Kate Moss

Lily Allen says Kate Moss' new clothing range is only for "perfect people".

The outspoken British singer, who has designed her own clothing range for high street chain New Look, says her line will be for everybody, not just skinny people.

Lily fumed to Grazia magazine: "Kate's clothes are just for skinny, perfect girls. I won't be buying any.

"I couldn't get into those tiny hot pants if I tried, and if I did I'd look ridiculous. The hard thing is to get everybody of every size to look fantastic. That's the real deal. Fashion should be a laugh and be for everybody. My dresses will suit anyone, whether they're tall or small, or fat or thin."


Breezer said...

I wander what the clother will look like, she does have and odd fashion sense

Anonymous said...

You know when you see something and it "looks good on the hanger" but crazy on you? Most female celebrities are basically hangers right now.. so it's true.. it would not be hard to design for them.

Anonymous said...

lily allen is amazing!! kate is a bad example and a complete waste of space just like her boyfriend!!

Anonymous said...

i wonder when you will be able to buy these cloths.
i love her fashion sense, plus the good thing about her is that she is normal.
kate moss is a horrible influence and she is the reason for eating disorders.
kate moss makes it seem like if you are not a triple zero or something you are not good or pretty.
but lily allen totaly does she makes it seem like even if you weigh a million pounds your still pretty.

Anonymous said...

i cao

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh come on, there are no such clothes. And I like Kate Moss' line!