Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Orlando Blooms Secret Facebook Profile

Orlando Bloom is looking for love on the internet.

The handsome actor is worried most women are only interested in his fame and fortune, so to test their intentions he is using a friend's name and photograph to set up a profile on networking service

Orlando is reported as saying: "It's difficult sometimes to know whether girls like me, or the guy they see in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. This way I can get to know them from behind a disguise."

The 30-year-old actor plans to get to know prospective dates by chatting online, before arranging to meet them in person.


Sandilee said...

To be quite honest Mr. Bloom, I am one of the many women are not interested in a person's fortune or fame. I am more interested into knowing a person for who they are and not for what they do. What a person does for a living is only a small fraction of who they truly and does not define a person at all. More so, I am not materialistic either.

It is a shame that Mr. Bloom has catagorized women as fortune and fame hunter's. He is truly missing out on the real women who want to know who the "true" man is and who could care less on what he does for a living. More so, money does not buy love nor does "charging it" for the rest of my life appeal to me on someone else's accord.

Mr. Bloom should start realizing that women like me want to know a "real" person, not their bank accounts or for their financial gains. To be quite honest, Mr. Bloom is a person like anyone else, no higher or lower, and if I ever bumped into him on the street; I would apologize and move on.

More importantly, Mr. Bloom is just an entertainer. He provides a paid service to society. Not all of us are "fanatics" of people who choose a high-profiled lifestyle, as Mr. Bloom has chosen in his life. I am sure not one of them! And am angered as being titled as one because I do not work within the same field or socialize with the "rich and famous"; or come from an "influential background."

I do have more than a few questions for Mr. Bloom: Do you not think that once your potential date shows up that they will recognize you once they are there to meet you on a date? Or are you seeking the rich and famous too, so you feel as an equal? Do you truly feel that all women think as you are portraying them? Are you seeking women who are as "influential" as you are as a potential date? Do you forget that if not for us in society, you would not have the livelyhood that you have now?

It is hypocritical and very obnoxious for Mr. Bloom to forget where you originally came from prior to his so called- success.

If so, I truly feel sorry for you Mr. Bloom. I am one women who would only date a man who is truly sincere, honest, who wants to get to know me for who I am, not wanting to be his/a "Barbie Doll", understands that not all women are "gold-diggers" such as myself; and that no amount of money could ever win my heart- as, Mr. Bloom narrowly and apparantly thinks and feels.

At least, I know now to watch who emails me more carefully on!

Sandilee B.

Katie said...

Hey, um my name is Katie and my friend just told me about this site. She said that Orlando Bloom has a secret face book. i am not a member of face book but i just wanted to see if it is true. i really dont like money or even care about it. and i think that if this is real, orlando, you need to find yourself a girl soon. and not all of them have to be stupid models and dum singers and stars. there are plently of girls out there that are just as beautiful and nicer than any of those rich bucketheads that are on drugs. and i cant date you because i am 13. Even though i dont care about money,i love to act. not for money or anything just for fun. and if this is the real orlando then u seriously look like your a 20 year old man. i am really serious and i dont care if i get made fun of its true. think of all the women out there that want you. from 5 years old to 30. Think about it.

Katie M
P.S. i love ur movies

Anonymous said...

To say that many of the women out there are not interested on fame and fortune would be a lie. But that doesn’t mean all women are the same. Money and popularity could also be a blessing if one knows how to use it properly. I wouldn’t hold it against any woman who is trying to help others less fortunate than her through her fame and fortune. What Mr. Bloom has to worry about is finding the right kind of women, and that is something only you would be able to tell. When you see the right woman, you will know. I’m sorry I wasn’t much help here.

Anonymous said...

What a load. He can get any girl he wants. And he's a computer-phobe.

Kat said...


Anonymous said...

Hey hey,'Lando...
Sure I'm the one of the few who write this but ... emm...FORK OVAH UR CASH BIG BOY!!!!!!! Yes yes, believe it or not I'm a miner and BRING ON DA MOOLAH!!!!!!! Sure I sound like I got ma head up ma bum, but, hehe muuunnnaaayyy is my obsession (other than doughnuts and penguins)
so pass it on~
im not no blood sukka so get ur facts oh and i no im gonna get BASHED 4 DIS but...i m a go~old miner u lokkin at me yeah im a gooold miner

lol hope u read this

i thought since every little gold suker out there writes about how she wants for yourself so i wrote something different ^_^ hehe nuff said


Anonymous said...

I 'm sure Orlando doesn't have enought time to be on internet... A face book... lol !!!
And it's just a human.. as madonna or bruce wilis....
so we must enjoy our lifes and forget them... we live for us and not for them..
I'm french, excuse me for my bad english... see you soon.
kreatiV' Maya

rosiee said...

is it true?

maxeen said...

This is a good way of finding someone out there that would love you just for you and not for your fame. Good idea Orlando. I just want to warn you too though some girls appear to be nice people when you chat to them but when you meet them in person their totally different people, so please be carefull Orlando.

I mean what woman would not want to have a rich and famous husband. All of them want that. I know I'm a woman too but me, I just dont care if he can spoil me or treat me or buy me stuff, because there is just one thing I ask for real true love. Thats it just love...

Goodluck Orlando, I know it can be quite hard to find that special someone.

LOve Maxeen Rhaleen Alexander

Anonymous said...

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Tina Granata said...

If only I was lucky enough to even meet Olando in person much less get a chance to go on a date with him ... but my luck is far fetched from anything of the likes of that. I think he's got a deepness about him that even shows in his acting. He's real, and when you're a real person it's difficult to be fake and act like something you're not. Some say that he may not be the best actor, but I think if that's the case, that's probably the reason why. Orlando, I think you're a cool cat, my friend.

All the best and to your success,

Tina Granata

Anonymous said...

The writer of has written a superior article. I got your point and there is nothing to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not disagree with: Sometimes the difference between ACK and NACK can seem to be the N of the world I will be back.

Anonymous said...

so if orlando bloom wasnt famous,didnt have an acting career,would you date him? dont say yeah you would cause you wouldnt adn you cant say i dont want you for your money or fame because i bet you be showing off that your dating him! ''omg am with orlando bloom yeah he my man''.even still f you say i dont wanna dat him but just wanna be his be still bragging that you got him has ya buddie on fbook or what ever you talk either way your still kinda using him for his fame.
if he wasnt famous no one would really want him and he wouldnt be getting all these girls screaming his name and that.he be normal like us!
i wouldnt care less about him really he just an some one doing his job!! if i met him of course il be buzzin cause its not every day you bump into an celeb is it.but after that i wouldnt go round braggin 24/7 or tryna sell my story to ppl that i met im.i wouldnt.any way what is your chance of dating im 0 out of 100 and he dating mirander kerr.
and why would he look online for an new gf even if he kept his identiy an secret when they meet she could act all nice but still be an gold digger.probly an way to get more people to sign up to facebook.
thats why celebs date celebs but even so celebs use other celebs to get there own fame more popular so they cant really say i am looking for some one who isnt after my money because that mirander kerr ive neva heard of her untill she got with mr bloom and now shes known,don get me wrong ive heard of other victoria secret models but mirander wasnt that famous now look at her people be like yeah its that model whos dating orlando celebs need to watch out really when dating.celebs need to be carefull who they and what they say there are many ppl who will sell there story to get money and that.
i have facebook and theres many people pretendng to be celebs and i had an girl talking to batista out of wwe she was like ''he says he loves me and he wants me but he is married i think'' duh he is fake.i just think all this dating celebs is just an career boost for your selfs and to get your name thats it really.
if you wanna reply back to me email on
chow x

Anonymous said...

fame is too much i think aswell.once your famous you cant live an personal live.

Free Bingo said...

Sad but true, hopefully he will be find a facebook lover with his new id.

Anonymous said...

If this is his own Facebook profile (of the many ones) and this was really his reason, to find a lady which not after his glory and his money - so I wonder, why he has been fallen in by exactly such a woman?

If you read this, Orlando, you know my Facebook and MySpace profile ;-)

Anonymous said...

Orlando is already since a long time my friend at Facebook, but before he was really registered under another one name. Now he have change his Name in his real.

Have Fun at the search - he hasn't stored his place of residence or hometown :-)

BTW, I'm a woman who respects him as a person and not his glory and his money and he know this. And I'm not Miranda ;-)

Anonymous said...

Orlando i hope u find a nice girl that likes you for you! I want to have a big house and money but i would rather get it MYSELF than use somebody! Some girls are like me or even better and some are the opposite! Im hoping u find a girl that u really like and likes you for your personality not even your looks fame or fortune!! Good luck! 

Also i read a biography about u and then watched the Lord of The Rings movie and im utterly amazed at wat u can do with ur back! My mom had back surgery and she can barely run! I also love you as legolas and especially in that seen where you jump onto that galloping horse with gimli in the second movie! My all time FAVORITE part! Soooo kewl! Wuz it fun?!

Anonymous said...

I love you because your heart stands open i can see it you are afraid that woman only loves you because you're are famous i love you not you're famous i know you of your movies and in every film i can see your heart is on the good place you are sweet and love that's what good the only problem is my age I am 14