Thursday, May 10, 2007

Paris Hilton Is Crying After Leaving Lawyer's Office

Paris Hilton claims she has received death threats and admitted: “I’m very scared.”

Twenty-six year old says inmates have put messages on her website such as: “I’m going to kill you.”

A friend added: “One person wrote she is going to steal Paris’s shoes — and if she argues, she’ll be beaten to a pulp. It’s horrifying.”

Paris was back driving her Bentley from her Hollywood home to meet ex-fiancé Paris on Tuesday. She is allowed on the road because her suspended license expired on March 29th.


David said...

Welcome to reality, Hilton! This is what happens when one drives drunk, gets a suspended liscence (and then gets caught DUI again while under suspension), getting caught yet AGAIN (third time IS a charm), not going to court ordered drinking classes, being so arrogant that you show for court 15 minutes late, etc. The only reason you're crying is that you got caught, not from any remorse. This is the world you seem to think is beneath you and that your money keeps at bay. Maybe this will teach you a few things that your parents didn't/couldn't/wouldn't. I'm just glad to see the real world the rest of us live in and deal with crash into your world. Perhaps it may make you go back to school and graduate since you seemed to think that high school was a waste of time, beneath you and/or interferred with your night life so you decided to quit. It's just too bad you'll use this to get more publicity and money and you WON'T learn a damned thing from it. You know, the more I think about it, who cares if you learn anything.

ReddGrrrL said...

KUDOS TO YOU, DAVID. Well said, all of it! Does she not realize that if she's going to do stupid things that could risk lives, she'll have to pay the price?

Anonymous said...

um both of you are dumb! everyone does shit like this everyday! everyone just wants to get on her because there jealous because shes rich famous and beautiful. you two are full of shit! do you not noe that people do things like this everday just not recieving publicity!!!!!!! get a clue! it happens to everyone she jus gets the boot because shes famous! GO PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!