Thursday, May 03, 2007

Paris Hilton To Spend 45 Days In Jail?

Paris Hilton is in big trouble, if the Los Angeles City Attorney has his way. TMZ has obtained documents filed with the court, in which prosecutors say they want Hilton to spend 45 days in jail.

Paris must appear tomorrow on a probation violation, for allegedly driving on a suspended license. Hilton was already on probation after pleading no contest last January to alcohol-related reckless driving. The DMV had suspended Hilton's license as a result of her DUI bust.

According to the papers, Hilton also failed to enroll in an alcohol education program within 21 days of the order directing her to do so.

The legal papers ask that "Hilton be ordered to serve 45 days in County Jail." Prosecutors also want her to be ordered "not to consume any alcohol for a continuous period of 90 days." During that 90-day period, prosecutors want her "to be monitored for alcohol consumption ... by use of a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) device at her expense."


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This message is for Paris' Mother, Kathy. You called the judge "pathetic"! May I suggest that you take a good look in the mirror. I believe the majority of people in this country think that you are the one who is pathetic for rearing your daughter with values that are extremely selfish and narcissistic to those around her. Most especially the public who has to put up with her reckless driving. You flaunt your status in the face of others? You don't believe the law applies to You? You slap the face of justice by coming to court late? Cheers to the judge for standing true in the face of arrogance! Oh, and by the way, your probably a slut like your daughter!