Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cameron Diaz: 'Timberlake And I Still Love Each Other'

Cameron Diaz insists she "still loves" former boyfriend Justin Timberlake - and finds it hard to believe the public think the pair hate one another.

The couple split in January this year after almost four years together, but the Charlie's Angels star is adamant there are no hard feelings between the pair.

She says, "We love each other. We spent four years together so there is no reason for us not to be friends.

"I always think it is funny when people think, 'Oh you guys must really hate each other now'. And I say, 'No, our paths just went in different directions.'"

And Diaz admits bumping into her ex at the UK premiere of Shrek The Third in London's Leicester Square last night as a welcome meeting.

She adds, "It was good to see Justin because it's nice to see someone you care about. We've not been able to sit down and have a chat yet, we've been so busy."

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