Friday, June 22, 2007

Ellen Pompeo's Fiancé Was A Drug Dealer!

In late 2005, reports first surfaced that Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo's fiancé, L.A. music producer Chris Ivery, had spent 14 months in a federal prison in the mid-1990s after pleading guilty to postal theft and credit card fraud. A year later, in a December 2006 Allure magazine interview, Pompeo sniffed, "Yeah, he used a credit card that wasn't his when he was 18. Show me a teenager from Boston who doesn't have a record!"

It's not quite that simple, Ellen. Chris was 24 at the time — and Star has exclusively learned Ivery's past run-ins with the law involve a lot more than stolen credit cards. Court records obtained by Star show Ivery has at least 13 criminal convictions in Massachusetts — including ones for dealing cocaine and pot — and has had three lengthy jail sentences!

"When the news first came out that Chris had spent time in prison for fraud, Ellen just shrugged it off," says a friend. "She said he had told her everything about what happened long ago, and that it didn't make one bit of difference to her; it's in the past. But she has never let on that he was convicted of dealing cocaine and pot, too."


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Anonymous said...

First of all, does anyone know of any music this dude's "produced"???? I've looked and never found one thing... Why is no one asking this question?