Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gwen Stefani's Secret Love

Pop star Gwen Stefani would happily return to her previous job as a make-up artist if her musical career ever ended.

The Sweet Escape singer - who, with her rocker husband Gavin Rossdale and baby son Kingston, was voted Hollywood's Best Looking Family last month - admits she preferred make-up to toys as a youngster and loved her brief stint as a make-up artist.

She says, "I was always the girl, who after school everyday would say, 'Ask your mom if we can play with her make-up'. And then we'd do that for about four hours."

"I would burn everybody with the curling iron and do make-overs on everyone."

"I was a make-up artist in a mall when I was 17 so it's always something I've been into."

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