Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot Bachelors Jake Gyllenhaal & Matthew McConaughey

Jake Gyllenhaal Departing From LAX Airport

Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey have been voted two of the world's hottest bachelors for a second consecutive year.

Despite 'Brokeback Mountain' star Jake being romantically linked to Reese Witherspoon, America's People magazine still regard him as single and have placed him on their annual list.

The handsome actor appeared in the poll last year following his split from long-term girlfriend Kirsten Dunst.

'Sahara' actor Matthew also made the list last year after breaking up with Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz and his good looks and charm have secured him a spot again.



Anonymous said...

Bah! People mag is living in the past! McBongo??? And before that Clooney #1 in their last poll?? Those guys are old news!! Not to mention old.

They almost got it right in this poll, Jake is #1, not #2. People mag makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

jake is such a hottie