Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jennifer Aniston Planning To Adopt

Jennifer Aniston SmartWater Ads Pictures

Jennifer Aniston is so desperate to start a family she is said to have contacted the same adoption agency that helped singer Sheryl Crow find her new son Wyatt.

A source told Britain's OK! magazine: "Jen has been thinking about adopting for a while. But after seeing Sheryl and Wyatt together she didn't know why she was still waiting."

Jennifer, 38, has always longed to become a mother and was said to be "devastated" by rumors her split from ex-husband Brad Pitt was because she wasn't ready to have children.

A source said: "Jen was devastated by those nasty whispers. The reason they split had nothing to do with kids."


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Anonymous said...

AT first I thought it was only me but it seems that recently Jen has lost her public appeal. I read this asrticle about how the smart water deal has killled her public image. pretty intriguing