Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jessica Alba Offended By Paris Hilton Comparison

Latina beauty Jessica Alba was horrified when a British journalist compared her latest movie hairstyle to Paris Hilton's coif.

On Tuesday, Alba spoke to Sky News reporter Neil Sean at the world premiere of Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer in London, who compared her character Sue Storm's platinum blonde locks to the jailed socialite.

Sean said, "So you've got a bit of a Paris Hilton hairstyle going on in the film," to which Alba replied, "I don't think it looks anything like Paris' hair actually."

Alba was later overheard complaining to a publicist, "Was he telling me I look like a jailbird? That was just so out of order."


Michael said...

I used to be a big fan of Jessica Alba but I just read a good story over on Highbrid Nation that really made me like her a lot less. Now shes's saying she's not part Mexican? That's really disappointing.

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