Monday, June 04, 2007

Keira Knightley's Sexy Role

Keira Knightley will appear partially nude for a racy scene in new movie 'Atonement'.

The 'Pride and Prejudice' star will disrobe before plunging into a deep fountain and emerging soaking wet in a clingy slip.

The film's director Joe Wright is quoted by Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "I wanted to cast Keira as a woman, a sexual character. She's only ever played girls before.

"There is a key scene with James McAvoy where she dives into a deep fountain to retrieve a broken vase. Keira emerges from the water and stands on the fountain's edge. It was her idea to stand there for quite so long - but I quite liked it."

Wright also claims the scene had to be edited to protect the 22-year-old actress' modesty.

He said: "There was another shot of her from behind but we left it out as it seemed a bit too rude."

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