Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paris Hilton Made Her Dad A Father's Day Card In Prison.

Paris Hilton who is serving a 45-day jail sentence for driving with a suspended licence - surprised father Rick with the homemade card.

Rick and Paris' mother Kathy arrived at California's Century Regional Detention Centre in Lynwood in a chauffeured car at 7pm on Sunday (17.06.07).

When asked if he was finding this year's Father's Day difficult, he replied: "It's not ideally my best. I feel alright."

Rick and Kathy, who visited Paris for 45 minutes, emerged from the jail holding hands.

Kathy revealed: "Paris is doing well, she's doing very well. She's doing much better. She made Rick a beautiful Father's Day card with his picture."

When asked how Paris was spending her time in prison, Kathy jokingly replied: "She looks at the four walls, and reads some nice fan mail."

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amazed said...

Hey I just found a Chloe Paddington bag that I saw Paris Hilton wearing.
It's the cream colored one - and the cost is a steal!!!