Monday, June 11, 2007

Paris Hilton's Back To Jail

  1. TMZ Has All the Exclusives On Paris Hilton! (Tmz)
  2. Kelly Clarckson Does Elle Magazine (POTP)
  3. Victoria Beckham Back In Los Angeles (PopCrunch)
  4. Fantasia at the Tony Awards (Juicy News)
  5. Paris Hilton Talks To Barbara Walters(Hollyscoop)
  6. Jayden James Spears Close Ups (GoneHW)
  7. Julia Roberts Is Ready To Pop(AllieisWired)
  8. Paris Hilton Has Fat Fans (CelebPuke)
  9. Lindsay Lohan's Ex-Bodyguard Tells All(HWBackwash)
  10. Tara Conner Interested In Porn Stars (Derek Hail)
Sorry for the late post but here's what you missed this weekend ;)

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