Friday, June 01, 2007

Paula Abdul 'Hurt' By Leaked Meltdown Tape

Paula Abdul has blasted the "illegal" and "unethical" leaking of a videotape of a recent conference call in which she sobs on camera and blames her management for treating her badly.

In footage obtained by the New York Post, the American Idol judge can be seen blasting former representative Howard Bragman - who she accuses of calling her "a whining bitch and a loser".

But Abdul feels the leak has violated her privacy.

She tells website, "I am deeply hurt and extremely disappointed that someone has taken a private telephone conversation that I had with my representatives and released it to the media.

"This is not only illegal but also highly unethical.

"While I don't feel a need to justify or explain my conversation, even as a public figure I do feel my privacy has been violated and find this action to be unacceptable."



rajeshsharma7777 said...

Extremly sorry for paula abdul:
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Anonymous said...

She's had a stroke or is suffering from a brain disease. Just tell the truth.. you have a lisp and slur and can barely speak like the Jacksons.

Philip. said...

These celebs can't have everything their way.

They have to accept publicity, both good and bad.