Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shar Jackson: 'Britney Think She's Fine'

Shar Jackson at the
Jaynenoni Moore Children's Fund Event

Britney Spears' former love rival Shar Jackson is adamant the troubled pop princess won't be back to rehab anytime soon, because the singer "doesn't think she has a problem".

Spears claims her management and family persuaded her to check into the Promises rehabilitation center in Malibu, California in February after months of hard-partying and unusual behaviour, which culminated in the singer shaving her head and attacking a paparazzi's van with an umbrella.

Following her release in March, Spears is adamant she neither has a drinking problem nor is suffering from post-partum depression, as some media outlets have suggested.

Since leaving Promises, Spears has been attending dance lessons again to get back in shape for her musical comeback, as well as frequenting nightclubs again.

Former Moesha star Jackson, who is in contact with Spears' two young sons and mother Lynne, says the Toxic star isn't ready to seek outside help right now.

She says, "That's her journey and nothing will change until she wants it to. She doesn't think she has a problem so I don't see her changing anytime soon in my personal opinion. So it is what it is."

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