Monday, June 11, 2007

Vanessa Minnillo Rehired by Bongo Despite Pic Controversy

Vanessa Minnillo's Bongo Ads

Even after a recent scandal that threatened to tarnish her image,Vanessa Minnillo will be representing Bongo for a second season. The junior clothing brand announced today that the 26-year-old former TV host, aspiring actress, and Nick Lachey lady-love will star in their fall advertising campaign.

The announcement comes one week after shocking photos of Minnillo surfaced, in which she and Lindsay Lohan pose provocatively with knives. In reference to the photos, a spokesperson for Bongo said: "Vanessa genuinely regrets the most recent events but is thrilled to be working with Bongo for a second season. Likewise, Bongo has had a fantastic experience working with Vanessa and looks forward to continuing our relationship."

With Nick sticking by her side, and her career still on-track, it looks like Vanessa is untouched by the scandal. If anything, she's faring better than her co-model in crime, Lohan, who is currently enrolled in a rehab program at Promises in Malibu.


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mike said...

they probably like her more now that shes getting more publicity and besides bongo always chooses the wild type to rep their clothes