Thursday, June 21, 2007

Victoria Beckham's 'Cheap' Jeans Are Over Priced

Victoria Beckham's new range of jeans have been branded "cheap" by her former fashion colleague.

Rock and Republic's UK distributor, Robert de Keyser of Dekeyser Fashions, has slammed her latest designs, claiming they're over-priced.

Keyser, who sold Victoria's Rock and Republic designs in Britain, said of her DVB jeans line: "The new Victoria Beckham range appears to be seriously over-priced for a line made, unlike other premium denims, in China out of a cheap fabric."

"Whatever Victoria learned from Rock and Republic appears to have been lost."

However, a source close to the mother-of-three refutes his claims, saying: "Early samples were made in China but the main range is made in Canada. They are a must-have designer item and the materials and methods used to make them reflect that."

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