Monday, July 30, 2007

Britney Spears' New Music Video Breakdown

Shooting on Britney Spears' new music video was stopped after the singer reportedly "sobbed hysterically" during a pole dance routine.

The troubled star, who was filming the promo for new single 'Give Me More', apparently looked "dead-eyed" and "disorientated" and became paranoid during her raunchy pole dance last Wednesday (25.07.07).

A source said: "Britney was rude, and she chain-smoked and drank an enormous amount of Red Bull throughout the shoot.

"She had a problem with the extras watching her pole dance, suddenly she was in floods of tears. It was sad to witness."

At one point, Britney - who was wearing a black leather waistcoat, a pair of black hot pants and ripped fishnet tights - squatted on the floor and hugged her Yorkshire Terrier puppy London as she vacantly stared into space.

Around 100 frustrated crewmembers were sent home after 18 hours on the Los Angeles shoot, which had been paid for by Britney.


Anonymous said...

Brit is at the zenithy of her dogface, foul, frightful, grisly, gross, grotesque, grungy, repugnant hillbilly hag of vulgarity now. Please say she won't get worse.. UGH!

Anonymous said...

U know what though.. i feel bad for her but then i dont cuz look
she got married she thought she was in love (maybe she was who knows other than her) she has 2 kids, the paparazzi is ALWAYS on her back, its lik a neverending rollercoaster, she prolly feels lik everyone is against her, an they are, she ruined her reputation as a *good girl* by getting pregnant b4 she got married to that gold-digging- asswipe wannabe-black guy whos ruining her rep even more (even tho she chose him but i guess u never know someone right?)
an i guess its hard to be in rehab without someone to watch her kids right? lik she can get a nani blablabla but its *her kids* we'r talking about.
she wears all these slut-worthy clothes, i think she should make a big comeback by STAYING in rehab, then getting a new wardrobe, no more partying, then maybe she'll be intived to the golden clobes haha actualy now tht i think of it ive never seen a picture of her in a serious beyonce-worthy gown :Otake a break from men, (NO NOT GO ONTO WOMAN GOD)
stop that nasty smokig habit
an all that stuff
an maybe ill actually buy her cd

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