Monday, July 02, 2007

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Joint Pre-Wedding Party In St. Tropez

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are to marry in Paris on July 7 and have decided to dispense with the usual bachelor and hen parties, instead opting to hold a his-and-hers' celebration at an exclusive VIP location in the idyllic French resort on June 30.

One organizer said: "The plan is for his friends to have one-half of the club and Eva's party to be on the other side.

"Eva arranged all the wedding details. But Tony has had the idea of having a bachelor party in St. Tropez for a very long time. He first started talking about it last fall."

Guests - including Jamie Foxx and Parker's brothers, T.J. and Pierre - will be entertained by hip-hop artists Cut Killer and New York's MC Big Ali, and American DJ Jean Roch.


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I think they are going to have BEAUTIFUL children!! Congrats to the new couple!