Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jessica Simpson's Not So Happy Birthday

The blond bombshell tried to celebrate her 27th birthday today at the Silver Spoon Beach House event space in Malibu, but the paparazzi apparently scared her away.

Here's what went down:

Simpson and five pals arrived this morning for a day at the beach. Lunch and a barbecue dinner were planned, sources tell me.

But about two hours into it, as lunch was being served, more than a dozen paparazzi descended on the house. I'm told Simpson decided to cut it short.

"She couldn't deal with it," one source said. "She kept saying she didn't want her friends to go through that. So, they stayed inside and then just left."

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Simpson will be returning to the beach anytime soon. She's apparently leaving for New Orleans tomorrow to start shooting her next flick, Major Movie Star.

Marc Malkin

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