Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Wouldn't Be Doing David Beckham

Lindsay Lohan’s jail sentence might present a little problem in her conquest of David Beckham. According to The Sun Lohan has made a bet that she can do it with the soccer star by December:

She has set herself a deadline of December, knowing that Victoria is away on tour with the Spice Girls this winter.

The huge bet shows just how confident she is that Goldenballs will fall for her beach body.

A source said: “Lindsay and her pals have been talking about the Beckhams’ arrival non-stop.

“They all reckon David is gorgeous and Lindsay set the challenge to get stuck in.

“The rich girls all want to meet Becks.”

The Rad Report


Danielle said...

UGH.... she is so nasty!!

Anonymous said...

Jail is not the place for Lindsey Lohan. Yes she is nasty and Lindsey Lohan is having a child and reports say Eugene Osei is the father