Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mika Was Bullied By His Teacher In School

The 'Grace Kelly' singer, who was ridiculed by fellow pupils throughout his childhood, claims he was shocked when his "nasty" teacher began picking on him.

He told Seven magazine: "The bullying was out of control. I was even picked on by one of my teachers, a female teacher.

"I don't know why she did it. I didn't provoke her. I wasn't the first and I imagine I wasn't the last she picked on. She was just a nasty piece of work. I wasn't brave. I was not a fighter in the classroom. I lost I was lame. I admit it. I saw myself more as the slow and stubborn turtle who quietly got on with what he was doing, knowing I would one day win the race."

The 23-year-old flamboyant star believes the bullying he suffered as a child caused his dyslexia to spiral out of control.

He said: "They used to throw things at me and call me a f***ing poof. I stopped talking and then I stopped reading and writing. That was baaad. I couldn't even write the name of my school. It was weird because at seven I could sight-read, then all my problems with dyslexia started. To this day I cannot sight-read. I cannot spell properly. My verbal IQ is high but not my written IQ!"

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