Monday, July 23, 2007

Paris Hilton Boasted She Earns £100 Million A Year

Paris Hilton claims she rakes in the enormous sum from a variety of business ventures, including her own hotel chain, perfume range and personalized merchandise, and by charging massive fees for personal appearances.

She said: "I've made £100 million in the last year, while Jennifer Lopez made £75 million.

"I'm developing my own hotels, casinos and clubs and getting into real estate. It's crazy at such a young age. I'm doing so much."

Paris' inheritance from her family and the Hilton hotel chain is worth around £25 million, while she earns £8 million a year for her role in US TV show 'The Simple Life', in which she stars with friend Nicole Richie.

The 26-year-old socialite's perfume and jewelery collection brought in £1 million each last year, while she collected £10 million for personal appearances.

Paris can charge £50,000 a time just for showing up at her favorite haunts and is once believed to have been paid £673,000 to wave to a crowd in Australia for 20 minutes.

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