Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pete Doherty Is "Fantastic" In Bed

Pete Doherty is "fantastic" in bed, a South African model who he cheated on Kate Moss with has claimed.

Lindi, 29, feels "guilty" for spending the night with the Babyshambles rocker on June 28 - while he was said to still be dating Kate - but told friends she "had to do it".

A friend of Lindi's told Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper: "Lindi said, 'I felt like I was cheating on Kate, but I just had to do it.'

"Pete told Lindi he was single. He made her laugh and there was something different about him. She said he was vulnerable and it made her feel protective towards him. She said the night was fantastic in every way. Pete is a sexy guy and Lindi can see why Kate is with him. It was a very passionate evening."

The pair left London's Crystal nightclub together and spent the night at Pete's friend's Kilburn home.

Lindi claims Pete "charmed" her into bed, but immediately regretted her actions the next morning because supermodel Kate is one of her idols.

The friend added: "Lindi had the post-sex guilt hangover the following morning.

"She really looks up to Kate as one of the best and most beautiful women in the modelling business. But she told me all about her night with Pete and said they had great sex. Lindi said he was very funny and charmed her into bed."

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Anonymous said...

What a whore!...to be honest both her and Kate have horrible taste. The guy just looks like one big walking disease.