Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kirsten Dunst & Her Wild Late-Night Parties

Kirsten Dunst has infuriated her London neighbors with her wild late-night parties.

The 25-year-old star - who has moved into a £2 million house in Islington while she shoots her new movie 'How To Lose Friends and Alienate People' - has been holding wild gatherings in her temporary north London home.

Now three families have "had enough" of their A-list neighbor disturbing the peace after pub closing times and have reportedly complained to Islington Council.

A source told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper: "Kirsten isn't very popular in Islington at the moment. She's started spending nights in the local pub by herself chatting to the locals.

"When closing time comes she invites them all round to her house to continue the party. The noise levels and people coming and going at all hours is really getting to her neighbors.

"They've had enough and apparently three families have written a petition to the council in the hope they'll take some action."


Anonymous said...

That little german vampire will shut up and behave when the villagers join forces, wear garlic wreathes and come after her with torches, wooden stakes and stones.. ha ha

Anonymous said...

God what happened to her? She has become a gnarly alcholic. She really has lost it as far as her imgage goes and just what she is doing with her life. I just remember seeing her in spiderman for the first time and I thought wow, she is a really neet girl. Yeah, well that perception has gone out the window. I know that she had checked herself into rehab but...... did she go thru with that??? I hope so cuz she really needs to do something,bad.