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Spice Girls' Versace Comeback Tour Wardrobe

The Spice Girls have asked Donatella Versace to design their outfits for their comeback tour.

The Italian designer has already started working on her exclusive creations for the band - Victoria Beckham, Mel B, Emma Bunton, Mel C and Geri Halliwell - who kick off their world tour in December.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror: "Donatella was a big fan of the girls back in the day and as soon as she heard that a reunion was on the cards she submitted her ideas. There will be several different looks for each of them and the clothes will be worth over £200,000."

Donatella - the sister of the late fashion guru Gianni Versace who was murdered in 1997 - is determined that each singer will have an individual look, but won't be rigorously sticking to their previous personas, Sporty (Mel C), Baby (Emma), Ginger (Geri), Scary (Mel B) and Posh (Victoria).

The source added: "She wants the girls to retain their band personas but in a much less obvious way than before. Mel C won't be wearing ill-fitting sportswear instead she'll have a really sexy wardrobe. Emma will wear stunning, elegant dresses with a playful touch.

"Donatella thinks they look better than many bands half their age and should show that off."

The band recently announced extras dates for their world tour, after 3 million people registered for tickets on the girls' official website.

Britney Spears' New Music Video Breakdown

Shooting on Britney Spears' new music video was stopped after the singer reportedly "sobbed hysterically" during a pole dance routine.

The troubled star, who was filming the promo for new single 'Give Me More', apparently looked "dead-eyed" and "disorientated" and became paranoid during her raunchy pole dance last Wednesday (25.07.07).

A source said: "Britney was rude, and she chain-smoked and drank an enormous amount of Red Bull throughout the shoot.

"She had a problem with the extras watching her pole dance, suddenly she was in floods of tears. It was sad to witness."

At one point, Britney - who was wearing a black leather waistcoat, a pair of black hot pants and ripped fishnet tights - squatted on the floor and hugged her Yorkshire Terrier puppy London as she vacantly stared into space.

Around 100 frustrated crewmembers were sent home after 18 hours on the Los Angeles shoot, which had been paid for by Britney.

Eddie Murphy &his girlfriend Tracey Edmonds Are Engaged To Be Married

"Who's Your Caddy?" Los Angeles Premiere

The 'Shrek' star proposed last Wednesday (25.07.07) with a "massive" Cartier yellow diamond engagement ring.

Edmonds proudly showed off the ring at lunch with friends the next day at the W Hotel in Westwood, California.

A source said: "She looked very happy. She was proudly showing off the ring. They're very adorable together, very happy. It will be a private wedding. Something low key, but very romantic."

Murphy and Edmonds are said to be planning to tie the knot before the end of the year.

Edmonds' representative said: "Tracey and Eddie were engaged last Wednesday. They are both very much in love and are excited about spending the rest of their lives together."

Nicole Richie Does August 2007 Nylon Magazine

Nicole Richie is the August 2007 cover girl for Nylon Magazine! The 25-year-old Simple Life star dishes on being a celebrity and a role model as well as fer run-in with the law.

On her omnipresence created by the media: “I don’t have a clue why I’m famous. I didn’t make myself famous… You’re doing it. I think people just want to say, ‘Oh, she doesn’t have a job she doesn’t do anything.’ They get off on that. But I do have a job, like everyone else.”

On her 2003 stint in rehab following a heroin-possession arrest: “When I pictured heroin, I pictured some crazy crackhead with no shoes under a bridge. You never think that is going to be you. And it never was me. I was never under a bridge, and I always had shoes.”

On setting an example for her fans: “I don’t walk around pretending that I’m perfect, so I don’t think anyone should hold me to that. The dangerous thing is that there are 16 -, 17 -, 18 –year-olds that people consider to be role models. I’m so happy I wasn’t famous back then… You’d think I was the f****** devil.”

source source

Pregnant Nicole Richie To Spend 4 Days In Jail

Nicole Richie has been sentenced to four days in jail after pleading guilty to DUI (driving under the influence) on Friday (27.07.07).

'The Simple Life' star - who is believed to be four months pregnant with her first child - entered the plea at California's Glendale courthouse.

Nicole also agreed to serve a three-year probation term, enroll in an alcohol education program and pay a $2,048 fine.

Los Angeles County Commissioner Steven Lubell told the troubled 25-year-old: "Someone could've gotten killed. You need to understand that driving under the influence is extremely dangerous."

Nicole was given the option of serving her time in a paid city jail - which is seen as a more comfortable option than a county jail.

She wasn't given a surrender date, but must complete her sentence before September 28.

Jude Law Dating Cameron Diaz?

Jude Law has flown to the US to be with alleged new love Cameron Diaz.

The British actor, who played Cameron's lover in festive comedy 'The Holiday', is set to spend a romantic week with the stunning actress.

A source is quoted as saying: "Jude is going to take her on a series of romantic dates this week.

"They had a lot of fun while making 'The Holiday' and this is the key to their relationship."

Cameron, 34, previously admitted she "fell in love" with the 'Cold Mountain' star, also 34, after working with him last year.

She said: "Jude is charismatic, fun, open and charming. It is very easy to fall in love with him."

Pregnant Christina Aguilera Collapsed Backstage

Christina Aguilera was ordered to cancel two of her world tour dates after collapsing backstage.

The 'Dirrty' singer, who is reported to be four months pregnant, suffered breathing difficulties during a performance in Melbourne, Australia, last Friday (27.07.07).

Although she managed to finish the concert, the star was forced to miss some songs and her encore.

Doctors were called to the venue and after treating Christina they ordered her to cancel her two remaining Melbourne dates and confined her to bed rest.

Christina - who has yet to confirm the pregnancy herself - apologized to her fans, saying she was suffering from flu.

She said: "I want to personally apologize to all of my fans.

"I am truly disappointed that I won't be able to share my show with you all."

Jaime Pressly Claims Her Pregnancy Was A "Killer"

Jaime Pressly's 30th Birthday Party at the
Pussycat Dolls Lounge Inside PURE Nightclub

The former model and her DJ boyfriend Eric Calvo welcomed their first child into the world two months ago and she is delighted not to be pregnant anymore because it "sucked".

Jaime, 29, said: Pregnancy was the biggest killer for me. I hated it - I hated being fat.

"As a new mom I'm supposed to go on about how wonderful it was to be pregnant.

"Well, I don't buy into that. The truth is that I love my baby to bits, but the rest of it sucked.

"My hormones were all over the place and I acted like some lunatic, picking fights with my boyfriend over how he made my coffee.

"On top of that I had this hideous 'pregnancy mask' skin discolouration which completely covered my face.

"You can normally use creams to disguise it, but not when you're pregnant, so I had to walk around looking like I was horribly disfigured.

"This may sound arrogant, but I'm used to looking hot - I just wanted to cry all the time."

The star is now enjoying being a mother to son Dezi but she is no hurry to get pregnant again.

She said: "Nobody tells you this stuff when you talk about having a baby - it's all kept as one big secret. The only amazing thing is when your baby pops out and you have this little thing that is going to be part of your life forever."

Sienna Miller Life Wth Jude Law Was Like A "Sitcom"

Twenty8Twelve by s.miller Spring/
Summer 2008 Launch Party

The 'Factory Girl' star shot to fame when she began dating the handsome actor in 2004 and insists the press attention got out of control.

Sienna told Britain's OK! magazine: "I was well known before I'd had a film released. And I was part of a soap opera that people felt very involved in, and then certain dramas happened, so my life became a sitcom."

Sienna - who split from Jude after he had an affair with his children's nanny - insists her life is a lot more settled now, despite her photo regularly appearing in the newspapers.

The 25-year-old former model said: "My life is actually relatively uneventful! It's just that if I go out one night a month, which is all it might be, it'll be made into such a drama - or they'll get you half-blinking and say you're drunk.

"It's very hard to control, because ultimately scandals sell their papers.

"Actually I just sit at home and cook and walk my dogs. I'm very different to the way I'm perceived."

Fergie Never Loses Her Temper Thanks To Therapy

Fergie Live From the Pearl at the Palms Casino Resort

Fergie claims she never loses her temper because she has learned to control it in therapy.

The 'My Humps' singer, who is a former drug addict, is now so at peace that she hasn't had an argument for years.

Fergie, 32, said: "I've been in therapy for a few years so I don't really lose my temper.

"It sounds kind of corny but I like to discuss rather than yell.

"The last time was probably years ago in my early twenties when my ex-boyfriend threw all my clothes off the balcony. We didn't break-up, though. It was a very 'exciting' relationship. Fiery!"

Despite her calm outlook, the Black Eyed Peas singer believes misery is a better emotion for making music.

She said: "Tragedy is more interesting."

Fergie is now dating 'Transformers' actor Josh Duhamel. The couple live together in Los Angeles and Josh has installed a stripper pole in their home for Fergie to entertain him with erotic dances.

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Happy Friday Everyone!

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Kelly Rowland Used To Wish She Was Light Skinned

The former Destiny's Child singer was convinced she would be more successful if her brown skin was fairer.

Kelly told website "It's said that brown skinned girls don't sell magazines and that's so sad.

"I remember wishing I was more fair skinned, but Tina Knowles, Beyoncé's mom, would say, 'Don't you know how beautiful you are?' She made me come into my brown beauty. I didn't get it, but now I do."

Thanks to Tina's advice, Kelly insists she was able to accept herself for who she really is and be proud of her heritage.

The 26-year-old star said: "I am chocolate and beautiful and loving it!"

Courteney Cox Is Obsessed With Work

Courteney Cox, who worked with her actor husband David Arquette on US TV series 'Dirt', struggles to leave work behind when she gets home.

Courteney said: "Yes, I do bring things home. It's time to catch up, because when you have been working together, you don't really have time to talk about what happened.

"At dinner, there is a lot of catching up to do, even though we have seen each other most of the day. It's weird."

While the 43-year-old admits she is very different to David, Courteney insists their contrasting personalities make the show more interesting.

She explained: "David and I are very different, and have different creative choices and different creative views.

"He is really left of centre - it's amazing what he comes up with. I'm good with emotions and psychology of people. He is good with other creative aspects - like thinking up Don's hallucinations. Don is a paparazzo who is schizophrenic."

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes Doesn't Give Tips

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes allegedly angered a waitress after refusing to leave her a tip.

The Spice Girl and the 'Batman Begins' star, who have become firm friends in recent months, were enjoying lunch at the Mondrian Hotel's Asia de Cuba restaurant in Hollywood.

However, after settling the bill, which Katie is said to have paid in full, the Baltimore Sun newspaper reports the pair didn't leave the waitress a tip, which is customary in the US.

When the girl tried to run after the stars, she was reportedly stopped by Victoria's security team.

Liev Schreiber And Naomi Watts Become Parents

Hollywood stars Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are celebrating after the actress gave birth to their first child - a week earlier than expected, according to U.S. reports.

The Mulholland Dr. star, 38, gave birth early on Thursday morning at a hospital in Los Angeles with Schreiber by her side, although the couple has not revealed the sex of the baby, reports Life & Style magazine.

A source says, "Naomi was planning on giving birth next week - her due date was early August - but since she insisted on delivering naturally, she knew there was a chance she would have the baby before the due date. That's what wound up happening.

"This is a dream come true for both of them and they've done everything in their power to make it as special as possible, right down to staying in the dark about the baby's sex right up until Naomi gave birth."

Watts is said to be resting comfortably in the hospital, close to her Brentwood, California mansion.

Nicole Richie's Under 18 Heroin Addiction

Nicole Richie has been speaking about her rehab nightmare after she became hooked on heroin at 13.

The hollywood "It girl" described how she knew she was addicted from the first time she tried the drug.

In an interview with Marie Claire she said: "I can remember the first time I tried it as a teenager-there was a lot of vomiting. But your body becomes physically dependent on it right away."

During her parents hostile divorce Nicole turned to heroin as an escape and soon become an addict.

After discovering the extent of the problem she was admitted into a rehab designed especially for teenagers.

"They didn't want me to quit cold turkey becuase I could have had a seizure so they gave me medication to come off it," she says looking back.

"Anyone who goes to rehab will say that they don't remember their first week or two becuase your body just goes through the shock of coming off whatever you were on." However this was nothing out of the ordinary for Hollywood and Nicole describes how there are even different types of rehab to chose from.

"There are prison ones and hotel ones, I was in under 18 rehab," she says.

Jessica Biel Won't Strip Off On Screen

The stunning actress, who is dating Justin Timberlake, is not prepared to flash her flesh on film and admits she has been overlooked for roles because of her no nudity stance.

Jessica said: "I'm sure I've lost some roles because I don't do it. The other day I read a script that required some nudity, something topless. It's probably going to be a great movie but I just don't want to do it."

Although the 25-year-old actress refuses to bare her curves, she is happy to be thought of as a sex symbol.

Jessica - who starred in the remake of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' and 'The Illusionist' - said: "It's extremely flattering to be thought of in that way. It's nice to be wanted and desired, you think, 'I'm being accepted as a woman now.' That's kind of cool."

Jessica was recently ranked number one in Stuff magazine's 100 Sexiest Women 2007.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Wouldn't Be Doing David Beckham

Lindsay Lohan’s jail sentence might present a little problem in her conquest of David Beckham. According to The Sun Lohan has made a bet that she can do it with the soccer star by December:

She has set herself a deadline of December, knowing that Victoria is away on tour with the Spice Girls this winter.

The huge bet shows just how confident she is that Goldenballs will fall for her beach body.

A source said: “Lindsay and her pals have been talking about the Beckhams’ arrival non-stop.

“They all reckon David is gorgeous and Lindsay set the challenge to get stuck in.

“The rich girls all want to meet Becks.”

The Rad Report

Paris Hilton Cast In Movie Musical

Paris Hilton has landed an acting gig. The hotel heiress revealed that she’s been cast in a movie musical at Tuesday night’s Save the World fundraiser for the Eating Disorders Information Network at Parc nightclub in Hollywood.

“I’ve been rehearsing every day—seven hours a day,” P.H reported, “We’re just in the studio. We’re doing dance and singing. We go shoot next month in Toronto.”

She isn’t allowed to reveal anything more but added the flick is a “very cool and unique project.”

Paris has been taking acting lessons since her late June release from California State custody on probation violation charges.


Jessica Alba Has Split From Boyfriend Cash Warren

The Hollywood beauty reportedly called time on the couple's two-and-a-half year romance during an emotional telephone conversation, in which she told the movie producer she "didn't love him anymore".

After delivering the heart-breaking news last weekend, Jessica, 26, allegedly sent an aide to the Los Angeles home the couple shared to help Cash, 28, pack up his belongings and make sure he moved out.

A source told America's Us Weekly magazine: "The break-up happened almost out of nowhere. Cash thinks there could be another guy involved but doesn't know - he's totally devastated. But it was all her."

The pair met on the set of the first 'Fantastic Four' film in 2005, in which Jessica starred and Cash worked as a director's assistant, and their romance quickly blossomed.

Britney Spears Ok! Magazine Meltdown Article